Back Up Rental

Can't choose between two styles? Don't know which dress will be the perfect fit? Wanting to try another dress on? Add a back up rental to your order!


How it works...

1. Browse through our rentals and add your two favourites to cart. Please make sure they have been booked for the same date. 

2. At cart, enter the discount code BACKUP. The cheaper rental in your cart will automatically become 75% cheaper. (eg. a $50 rental, will become $12.50 to add as a back up)

3. The order you receive will contain 2 rentals, both with security tags attached. While the tags are attached on both rentals, try them on and choose which one you love more! Once you have decided, remove the tag from the dress you are wanting to wear. Do not remove the tag from the other. 

4. Both garments will need to be returned to us the following business day as per a normal rental. 


Terms and conditions: 

- The discount code can not be used in conjunction with another discount. 

- If both tags are removed, you are obligated to pay the full rental price of both dresses.

- If you end up wanting to wear both dresses that weekend, or have a friend who is wanting to wear one - no stress! Please just flick us an email or instagram DM and we can arrange payment for the back up rental minus the amount already paid. 

- The price of the back up rental can not be refunded or given store credit. (Store credit is only given if the entire order is cancelled)

- You are still liable to uphold the ordinary terms and conditions.