Extended Rentals

Are you going on a holiday and after the dreamiest outfits for your trip? Why not rent an outfit! 


How it works: 

You will need to figure out the amount of days you will need the rental for. This will span from: the date you leave (the date the rental needs to be there by), up until the day you will be able to return the dress via post or drop off. 

The first two days of your booking are included in the usual rental price. 

For each date thereafter, there will be a daily extended rental fee of $4 per rental. 

If you would like to arrange an extended rental, please send through an instagram message, or an email and we can go from there! 


For example: 

10 day trip: There will be an extended rental fee of $32 + the rental price

(+ postage if required + damage wavier, if you are wanting to add this security). 


Terms & Conditions

- You are still liable to uphold the ordinary terms and conditions.