Thank you for contacting Rent with Iz!

I am overseas from July 12th - August 5th, so I am unfortunately unable to answer your question over this time. Please refer to the FAQ below! If your question is still unanswered, please send through an email or Instagram DM after August 5th! 

No new orders can be placed for event dates between July 12th - August 5th. 


FAQ for customers that have rented a dress between July 12th - August 5th:


Why was my rental posted/is ready to be picked up a week (or more) before my event?

Your order has been posted to you/is ready to be collected early since I am overseas in the weeks prior to your event and am unable to process your order at a later time. Please hold on to your rental until your event and return after your event! 


How and when should I return my rental?

For postal orders: Please pop your dress into the provided return post bag and hand this over a post office counter before 4pm the following working day after your event! (For weekend events, this will the Monday after your event)

For pick up orders: Please pop your dress back in the clear box that you collected the dress from! The dress needs to be returned before 6pm the day after your event.  


I have lost the return bag, how can I return the dress?

Below is the return address. Please be sure to add overnight courier at the counter and pop through tracking once the dress has been posted!

35 Brodie St


My rental has arrived and it doesn't fit, what can I do?

As per the Rent with Iz terms & conditions that you agreed to upon renting the garment, we can not offer compensation if your rental does not fit you as desire. This is a risk you are taking when renting! If you have a friend who would like to wear the rental, they are more than welcome to! Please post the dress back the following working day after your event. 


I have damaged my rental, what do I do? 

Thank you for letting us know about the damage! Please return the rental as is and do not wash or attempt to fix the rental. If you purchased a damage wavier with your rental, there will be no cleaning or repair fees! Minor marks and tears are usually very easy to fix, but if the damage seems to require professional cleaning/repairs, I will get in touch after August 5th to organise payment for this. 

I purchased a back-up rental order but would like to wear both dresses. What do I do?

You (or a friend) are more than welcome to wear your back-up dress! Please remove the tags from both dresses and return the dresses as per your return instructions. After August 5th, you will receive an invoice to cover the cost of the back-up being worn. This cost is 75% of the rental price (the amount that was reduced from your order).

My parcel seems to be taking longer than expected to arrive/did not arrive in time for my event?

If tracking has not updated within 2 days, or it appears that your order may not arrive in time for your event, please call NZ post on 0800 501 501. They can provide extra tracking details and potential pick up options in the event on delays.

If your rental did not arrive in time for your event, I am extremely sorry about this! Please post the rental back either the day it arrives or the following day before 4pm. Just pop through an email or Instagram DM after August 5th so we can arrange store credit!


I am unhappy with the condition of my rental, what can I do?

Please make sure that the damage is not listed in the product description before sending through a message! 

If the damage is not listed in the product description but you are still wanting to wear the rental and would just like to make sure you won't be charged for pre-existing damage, please send through some photos of the damage via email!

If the damage is not listed in the product description and you are not happy to wear the rental in the condition it is in, I am very sorry about this! If I notice additional damage when packing up your order, I will always let you know, so this damage must have been missed when the order was being packed up! I am very sorry about this. Please return the dress before your event date via drop off or postage. Just pop through a message after August 5th and we can go from there to assess compensation! Your dress must not have been worn and must have been returned before your event date.



General FAQs

Do you offer try ons? 

Yes! In person try ons are offered most Thursdays in Ilam, Christchurch, and will continue again on August 15th. The following link shows more details on how these operate. 


We also offer postal try ons! Please click on the link below to read more details on how these operate. 


If you have a particular rental in mind and would like help with the fit and to be sent customer photos of the dress on, please send through a message after August 5th!


I would like to cancel my rental or change the dress/date of my order?

You are more than welcome to swap your rental or date of your event! You can also cancel your order and receive full store credit (provided it is 3+ days before your event date and your order has not been sent off/picked up). Please send through an Instagram DM or email after August 5th to cancel or change your order!

Orders for events between July 12th - August 5th can not be cancelled. 


Do you offer extended rentals?

Yes! If you are wanting an extended rental, please get in contact via email or Instagram DM after August 5th to arrange an extended rental.